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We help Haitians heal Haitians with a commitment to serving the poor and supporting a reliable, consistent and sustainable healthcare system in Haiti.

MATH Port au Prince Project

In Port-au-Prince, there is a full-time fixed clinic (six (6) days per week) as well as a mobile clinic (four (4) days a week). Haitian healthcare professionals staff both clinics, provide primary medical care to the impoverished areas in and around Port-au-Prince, and support more than 10,000 patient visits annually. (Learn more.)

MATH Dame-Marie Project

Dame Marie is a remote village on the west coast of Haiti. Teams travel to Dame Marie four (4) times per year to provide surgical services and needed critical specialties including OB-GYN, pediatrics, dental and optometry. Haitian doctors, nurses and medical personnel participate in each trip, receiving training from the US medical personnel.(Learn more.)





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