About The Dame Marie Project

Since February 2013 trip, the IMM team has restored the operating room to working order with most of the equipment brought from Saint Francis Hospital.  Since then, IMM surgical teams, headed by Dr. Michael Bourque, a renowned obstetrician and surgeon at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, have grown with medical personnel from other parts of the US joining the teams, and have traveled to Dame-Marie four (4) times a year working with the Haitian doctors, nurses, anesthetists and medical personnel on each trip and receiving training from the IMM staff.

The Dame Marie Project is focused on continuing its surgical services while trying to engage other hospitals and surgeons to consider service in Dame Marie.  Expanding the frequency of surgical trips is needed and will be welcomed by the residents of Dame Marie to meet their surgical needs. 

In order to accommodate more trips and services, the Dame-Marie Project aims to firmly establish a much-needed home base for our surgical mission team members by building a simple mission dorm in Dame-Marie.  The teams are currently housed in the boyhood home of the hospital administrator which limits the number of missioners per visit. 

The medical teams that travel to Dame-Marie provide much needed specialty surgeries, as well as training and collaboration with the Dame–Marie medical staff.