Desperation Has a Face

Be a part of our mission to help Haitians heal Haitians

Port-au-Prince Project

Medical care to the poor, including

Maternal and Pediatric Health


Ophthalmology and Dental Services

Laboratory Services and Pharmacy

Working Together to Deliver Hope

We work side-by-side with our Haitian counterparts, caring for those in need

Travelers Championship - Birdies for Charity


Help us expand pediatrics and neonatal care by donating through this event.

Why MATH needs your help


At the Autumn’s Palette fundraiser,

inspirational words of gratitude and hope were provided.

AT MATH, our numbers continue to add up!

Days per week that hospitals / clinics serve their community

Average annual patient visits at hospital / neighborhood clinics (Port-au-Prince Project)

Percent of donations that go directly towards helping Haitians heal Haitians

Haitian employees supported for healthcare, ophthalmology, and dentistry (Port-au-Prince Project)

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Where would we be without them?

Recently, MATH celebrated the amazing support of our volunteers with a very special Volunteer Appreciation Picnic. As we planned for the event, I couldn’t help but reflect on how important our volunteers are and how much they contribute to the success of our...

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