Port-au-Prince Project

MATH’s Port-au-Prince Project funds Neighborhood Medical-Surgical Clinic, a full-time fixed clinic, 6 days per week, as well as Karavan Lasante, a mobile clinic operation that operates 5 days each week. Haitian healthcare professionals staff the clinics, which provide primary medical care in and around Port-au-Prince. Together, these clinics support nearly 15,000 patient visits annually. We also sponsor medical missions that travel to Haiti to work, teach and learn from the clinic staff.

The Port-au-Prince Project is focused on sustaining and (upgrading and enhancing) the permanent and mobile clinics to allow for continued outreach to Haitians who cannot otherwise afford or access the right care, maintenance of the mobile clinic vehicle to assure our team’s safe and efficient travel from location to location and funding for procedures diagnosed as medically necessary. The permanent and mobile clinics in Port-au-Prince provide a desperately needed continuum of care to Haitians in the medically under-served areas.


Port Au Prince, Haiti