Our Medical Team

Our Medical Committee is one of the most important committees on the Board of Directors.  We are very fortunate to have an active medical committee comprised of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and even a midwife, all from the Connecticut area.  The Medical Committee meets bi-monthly and sets all the medical protocol, builds the referral network and ensures that the level of care in Haiti stays consistent with what MATH expects. 

We use electronic medical records.  The paper charts are entered into the computer at the end of each day.  This allows the Medical Committee to analyze the patient profiles and make adjustments to our care plans.

We are always looking for medical personnel who are interested in rolling up their sleeves and helping out.  If you have interest in participating in our medical committee, click here and email your interest along with a resume to Tera Stock, Head of the Medical Committee.   

Our U.S.. medical team supports our Haitian medical team.  The Haitian medical team provides all of the daily care via the mobile clinics.  MATH funds their salaries and the support of the clinic.  We have medical teams travel to Haiti 3-4 times per year to offer support and in service trainings.  This is a great example of MATH living within it's mission and vision of Haitian's helping Haitian's.  Not only are we providing medical care to four impoverished villages but we are also providing employment to six medical professionals that otherwise would have difficulty finding work.  The average Haitian lives on less than $2 a day and there is over a 70% unemployment rate.