Who We Are

Mobile Medical Clinic:

Medical Aid to Haiti, Inc. (MATH) helps Haitians heal Haitians by providing weekly primary medical care via a mobile clinic to impoverished villages in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The medical care is provided by Haitian doctors and nurses and funded by MATH. 

Our mobile clinic currently operates out of Notre Dame Delourdes, a permenant clinic outside of Port au Prince.  Notre Dame Delourdes employs, and MATH funds, a Haitian medical staff, pictured here.  This medical team, made up of a doctor, nurses, medical techs and pharmacy techs, work tirelessly to provide primary care to our sites on MATH's behalf. 

The team meets each day at Notre Dame Delourdes, packs the truck and heads out to one of our four sites.   MATH and its Haitian team, provided over 10,000 patient visits in the last 12 months to men, women and children who otherwise wouldn't have access to consistent healthcare.

MATH is an all-volunteer organization and 95% of the money raised is used for clinic and mission expenses, including about $2,500 of pharmaceuticals each month.  We try to source the majority of the drugs inside Haiti.  Our hope is to expand the operation of the clinics to five days a week and have the funds needed to ensure its continue operation.  


Mission Trips:  

MATH also sponsors US-based medical teams that travel to Haiti to work, educate and collaborate with the Haitian mobile clinic staff.  These are non-religious trips with the soul focus of medical support.  

We run four mission trips a year.  Our current focus is to provide subspecialty support on our mission trips.  Our last trip focused on eye and skin care.  Not only did our US volunteer doctors provide care to Haitian patients, but they also provided in service education to our Haitian partners.  If you are a medical professional interested in coming to Haiti with us click here for more information.  We would love to have you!