When a stone is thrown in the water it causes a splash and then a ripple on the surface, the rings growing larger and wider as the ripple builds. This image perfectly illustrates why I am honored to be a part of MATH and its amazing story. Ten years or so ago, a small group of people from West Hartford traveled to Port-au-Prince and witnessed first hand the desperate need for consistent medical care. Upon their return to Connecticut, this same group met to discuss ways they could deliver a continuum of care to those new friends they had just made. From these discussions and ideas – and the work and generosity of many – emerged an organization that makes a great difference. How remarkable, that what was once but a wish has become a reality! Through its work with doctors and nurses in Haiti, MATH helps hundreds of people each week, thousands each year. And guided by MATH’s intended mission, those hundreds and thousands may, in turn, help others. And so on. You get the idea…this is why I am a part of MATH. Splash on!